An Expression of Admiration & Esteem

On Monday, October 3, 2016, Madoc-Marmora-Tweed Lodge #48 held an emergent meeting at Moira Place, Tweed, Ontario. The purpose of this meeting was to show our appreciation & respect to a Brother for his many years of loyalty, fidelity, zeal & attachment to the principles of Free Masonry. W. Bro. Allan Lott is a resident of Moira Place, a retirement home & extended nursing home for persons of infirmity & advanced age. W. Bro. Lott is no longer able to attend lodge because he is confined to the home due to having suffered a stroke months previously. W. Bro Donald Clare, together with Bro. Greg Lott, conceived the idea of bringing Lodge to a Brother, who is unable to attend his beloved Lodge.

Dispensation was granted to move all necessary regalia & furnishings to the Chapel in Moira Place, which was converted into a temporary Lodge Room. By the time Lodge was ready to be opened, a good number of Brethren had assembled to participate in this special evening.

The Officers assumed their respective stations & W. Bro. Allan Lott was wheeled into the room by his son, Bro. Greg Lott, followed by all attending Brethren. W. Bro. Donald Clare opened the lodge in due & ancient form, welcomed all the Brethren & expressed his profound gratitude for the over whelming attendance of Lodge Members & Visiting Brethren. Following the reading of the summons, V. W. Bro. John Varty gave expression of his admiration & esteem for his long time friend & Brother. He regaled us with anecdotes of W. Bro. Lott’s Masonic career, his involvement in his community & in particular, Al’s loving devotion to his family.

V. W. Bro. Jack Rushnell spoke briefly of his & W. Bro. Lott’s long enduring friendship. W. Bro. Lott then expressed his gratitude for the special evening & for the way he had been made to feel by the assembled Brethren. His words were very emotional & there were few dry eyes in the room when he had finished. Al’s son, Greg, then expressed his gratitude. Lodge was closed in harmony & refreshments were enjoyed courtesy of the home. Al’s wife, Phyllis, expressed her gratitude personally to all the Brethren as she visited each in turn with words of thanks. All in attendance agreed that the evening had been extremely special & warranted repetition.

Submitted By V. W. Bro. Garnet Holmes

In Honor of W. Bro. Alan Lott

On October 3rd, 2016 at Moira Place in Tweed, Madoc-Marmora-Tweed Lodge No. 48 held an Emergent meeting under dispensation from our Grand Lodge to honor W. Bro. Allen Lott who is residing there after a stroke which confined him to a wheelchair.

The Lodge was held in Moira Place Chapel which was properly tiled and was set up in proper masonic fashion.

Worshipful Master of MMT #48, W. Bro. Don Clare opened Lodge at 7:15 pm., and then V. W. Bro. John Varty gave a brief and enlightening account of W. Bro. Lott’s involvement in the previous Tweed Lodge.

W. Bro. Lott’s son Bro. Greg Lott, who is also a member of Madoc-Marmora-Tweed Lodge, along with twenty to thirty other brethren for this memorable and historic meeting.  The Lodge was closed at 7:50 pm, followed by refreshments and social intercourse. As one can see from the photos a good time was had by all.

Congratulations to the officers and members of Madoc, Marmora, Tweed Lodge for their forward and innovative thinking and for their display of Brotherly Love. 

Submitted by: Prince Edward District Deputy Grand Master R. W. Bro. Stewart Westhead

Fraternal Visit to Cornwall-Corinthian Lodge No. 125

Worshipful Master Bro. Jamie Moore of Madoc-Marmora-Tweed No. 48 recently had been given a certificate of a past member of Corinthian Lodge, who had passed to the Grand Lodge Above of whom turned out to be a very prominent figure in the Eastern District, W. Bro. Walter C. Moore. (No relation)

Upon contact with Corinthian Lodges’ I.P.M., W. Bro. Len Finnamore, W. Bro. Moore organized a delegation of 10 Prince Edward District brethren who traveled to Ingleside Ontario on April 9th to personally hand deliver back to his home lodge W. Bro. Walter Moore’s Masonic Certificate along with his certificate was his York Rite Certificate.  The members of Prince Edward District along with our own D.D.G.M., R. W. Bro. Raymond D. Gayton and our District Secretary W. Bro. Don Harvey were greeted with the utmost friendship and cordiality.

The evening was attended by their own Eastern Districts' D.D.G.M., R. W. Bro. Jack Shields along with a banquet that was held in our honour we enjoyed a 2nd degree that evening it was completed by their newly passed Fellowcraft, Bro. Eric Theorot. I must add that he knew his memory work so perfectly that it amazed I believe all the members in the lodge that evening.

At the end of our enjoyable evening the members of Eastern District Cornwall-Corinthian lodge No. 125 ensured us that they will return the courtesy with a visit to one our P.E.D. lodges in the future. 

We hope that the members of Cornwall-Corinthian lodge No. 125  and the brethren of Eastern District can visit one our lodges in the future to allow us to show them the same courtesy that they honoured us with during our visit.

A delightful time was had by all!

Submitted by: SW of M.M.T. #48
Bro. J.M.P. (Pieter) Molenkamp - Webmaster