The District Divine Service – The Reason for Being A Mason

Once a year when the Masons of the Prince Edward District are getting together to jointly worship the Great Architect of the Universe as we perceive him.  On a wonderful warm and sunny day in April, thirty plus Masons with their families and friends attended a most inspiring service at the lovely ancient church in Albury – Prince Edward County.

The service started with a warm welcome and a call to worship by Rev. Katherine Irwin which was followed by different readings by R. W. Bro. Leonard Bedford, followed by V. W. Bro. James King and V. W. Bro. Ian Wylie.

The main message was delivered by the R. W. Bro. Rev. Douglas Mitchell – the District Chaplain. Under the heading of “Listening For The Word of God”. He spoke to us of having God in our lives. He then reminded everyone what Masonry is about and the “Reason for being a Mason”,  the concept of making good men better by being tolerant to each other, loving each other as brothers  and living by the teachings of the Volume of the Secret Law.  He then addressed the idea that being a Mason also means that within the Lodge, every brother is equal without consideration of his external status in life.
Making a good man better, means becoming an example to others by being caring and loving towards each other.

The service was enriched by an inspiring musical rendition by the Quinte Quartet consisting of W. Bro. Ron Carter, W. Bro. Harold Corfield, V. W. Bro. Bruce Ferguson and the District Deputy Grand Master for the Prince Edward District R. W. Bro. Leonard G. Bedford.

The District Divine Service ended with the final benediction buy Rev. Katherine Irwin.

Go now in peace, never be afraid. God will go with you each hour of every day.
Go now in faith, steadfast strong and true. Know he will guide you in all you do
Go now in Love and show you believe, reach out to others so all the world can see.
God will be there, watching from above.Go now in peace, in faith and love.
So mote it be

After the service everyone gathered for a period of friendship and fellowship over light refreshment which was provided thanks to the efforts of Mrs. Marjorie Bedford.

It was a wonderful spring afternoon that was enjoyed by everyone.

(By H. J. (Jack) Hellberg – Prince Edward District Communication Chairman)