Reflection from the District Chaplain


My brethren, in the Christian Church of which I am a Clergy member, we are celebrating the Lenten Season.  This is the 40 day preparation period leading up to the celebration of the Easter Season. Easter is one of the most Holiest times in the Christian Church, as it leads up to the celebration of the Risen Christ.

Similarly, in the secular world, you will notice the stores began to stock Easter items as soon as Valentine’s Day was finished.  Easter is probably the third most in sales after Christmas and Halloween. The pressures to buy are always foremost in advertising that we read/watch in the lead up to these special days.

The Lenten Season invites us to reflect on some of the deeper meanings in life and perhaps it could be a time for Mason’s as well to take time to reflect on the deeper meanings held within our ritual. 

Last night, I attended the DDGM’s Official Visit to Prince Edward Lodge #18, in Picton.   The Lodge raised a Candidate to the Sublime Degree of a Master Mason.  In that degree, as well as the former degrees, we are invited to reflect on our life and learn from it.

I am especially reminded of the working tools of the first degree, in which the Twenty-four Inch Gauge is put in the workman’s hands, to remind him that the day is divided into Twenty-four equal periods of Prayer, Refreshment, Labour and Sleep

I know how much pressure is placed on each one of us, due to time constraints of our occupations, family, church and lodge.  However, it is important for us to remember that Gauge as we go about our daily lives.

I invite you to reflect on all the Working Tools in the Three Degrees, as well as the Ritual to remind us of the insights contained therein during this preparatory time for a greater celebration to come.

My I also take this time to remind you of our District Divine Service that will take place on Sunday April 22, 2012 at 2:00 p.m. at Albury United Church.  I look forward to seeing you then as well as at our DDGM’S Official Visits and the Upcoming Installations.


R.W. Bro. Douglas Mitchell
District Chaplain