Join the Journey of Hope

Brethren, I invite you to join the Journey of Hope with a donation to the District Project, knowing that you would be helping some child or children to get the necessary hospital for appointments, treatment or surgery.

Some of you may be thinking, OH Man here we go again, another fund raising project. I know that in the past there were some projects that I really couldn’t get excited about and didn’t make a donation unless I was confronted face to face by the Secretary or a Committee Chairman asking for a donation.

If I wasn’t confronted, and my lodge made a contribution I thought I don’t have donate because I will support the lodge fund raisers and that will be good enough.

Christmas is upon us and after looking after your family it would be really great if you could give yourself a present. Christmas is a special time of being reminded of our charge and be charitable that will give us the warm feeling of Faith, Hope and Charity.  - Christmas is for Children - 

The ‘Journey of Hope’ is specifically for children who are in need of your help. The Masons of Prince Edward District have already shown that they care about kids through many programs, such as student bursaries to local schools. Also we are active by sponsoring a number of free Children Identification Clinics. Masons have already taken the step to keep thousands of children safe by this ‘MasoniChIP’ program.

Now it’s time to help those children in need of specialized medical care. Those children who are in a long term care program – often for years need to be transported to different centres, were they receive that special loving care our Shriner Hospitals can provide.

This year’s project needs our whole-hearted support to transport these children and their Guardians to and from their treatment centres. The support is needed from each individual Mason with a personal donation as well as the support of fund raising projects by each of the District Lodges.

So how about giving yourself a gift. What better present could you give yourself that would give you a warm feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction. 

My brethren, we don’t know what the next day, year or even the next step will bring to us but be assured that if you pay it forward now, it will be returned to you sometime in the future and quite often with interest.

 We only get one chance to live today – did you do anything today that gave you a feeling of warmth inside – a feeling that made you feel good that you were alive today – did you help someone in need today – If not, you still have a chance for the day isn’t over.

With the ‘Journey of Hope ’you won’t have to drive any child to Montreal or Boston, you won’t have to buy and deliver train, bus or plane tickets to a waiting child - all that will be done for us by a dedicated committee of Shrine Masons – a committee at Rameses Temple in Toronto that administers the transportation fund and makes sure that every child in need of transport will get it.

Remember my Brethren; it takes sunshine and rain to make a rainbow. By paying it forward in supporting this project we can create a rainbow that will form a bridge from hope to healing 

Together we can make a difference in the lives of many children; we can help many children on their journey of hope and leads them to and across the bridge to healing, good health and a fruitful life.

So another present you can have is the tax receipt you can use at year end. Please get behind this important project and give your cheque to the lodge Secretary. Cheques should be made out to the Masonic Foundation and should Show the District Project number 2461. Your Secretary has the information and recoding sheet to ensure that you get a tax receipt at the end of 2011 or 2012 depending on when you made your donation.

(Lecture to the newly initiated Mason)
“…You now stand, to all external appearance, a just and upright man and a mason and I strongly recommend you ever to continue and act as such. Indeed, I shall immediately put your principles in some measure to the test, by calling upon you to exercise that virtue which may justly be denominated the distinguishing characteristic of a mason’s heart: I mean Charity…”

(Extracts from presentations made by V.W. Bro. Jim King – Chairman of ‘Journey of Hope’ District Project)